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A lifetime of hazardous drinking and harm to health among older adults: findings from the Whitehall II prospective cohort study

Persistent hazardous drinking throughout life may increase cardiometabolic risk factors, particularly weight gain.

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Dependence on e‐cigarettes and cigarettes in a cross‐sectional study of US adults

Use of e‐cigarettes appears to be consistently associated with lower nicotine dependence than cigarette smoking.

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Mechanical Turk data collection in addiction research: Utility, concerns and best practices

Mechanical Turk can provide a useful source of convenience samples under limited conditions for certain research questions. There are steps that can be taken to minimise bias in studies using it.

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Addiction News offers a weekly round-up of searchable addiction-related global news stories.  Our weekly COVID-19 bibliography at the top of our Addiction News page lists articles found in PubMed from searches involving addiction-related topics and COVID-19. 

The Society for the Study of Addiction's collection of addiction-related COVID-19 resources includes perspectives from policymakers, views from clinicians working in treatment services, and summaries of global policy responses. 


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